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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Freepiker not free?

Freepiker is FREE and will always be FREE. Now you also have the possibility to become a Premium member and use our resources without having to credit the author. Moreover, Freepiker hand picked & exclusive Premium content is waiting for you!

2. What are Premium resources?

Freepiker still has plenty of high-quality resources for free to download. Additionally, we have also included exclusive contents marked as Premium.

These contents will only be available for download to those users who have chosen to purchase any of our subscription plans and want to use our resources without attribution. Once you’ve acquired any of Freepiker’s subscription plans you’ll be able to download any content marked with the Premium symbol.

3. What is the benefit of a Premium membership?

As a Premium user you will be able to download that will allow you to use all those resources included in Freepiker FREE without attribution. Also, your download limit will be extended from 20 downloads per day to unlimited.

As a Premium user you will also have access to our all Premium content, which are exclusively hand picked for you!

4. Can I use downloaded content to create project for a client?

Yes, you are free to use Freepiker contents to create and sell your products to your clients.
To ensure a proper usage of our resources for your commercial purposes please follow FAQ page section 5.

5. Can I use Freepiker Plan as a company?

Yes, when you purchase any Freepik Plan as a company, all of your employees can use this membership with the same user profile.

6. What is the difference between the Free and Premium users?

Free user:

  • - Must add a link to Freepiker.com and credit it’s author. To credit the author, must include the attribution line “Designed by Freepiker”.
  • - Downloads limit 20 per day.
  • - No access to exclusive premium resources.

Premium user:

  • - No attribution is needed. Use any resource without having the credits it’s author.
  • - Unlimited downloads.
  • - Access to exclusive hand picked premium resources.

7. Can I cancel my plan and order a refund?

Yes. Once your Premium Membership has been activated you will have a 15 days period to order a refund of your payment. You may request your refund contacting us through [email protected]

8. Will my subscription plan automatically renew?

Yes. Your subscription plan will renew automatically unless you cancel this option. To cancel the automatic renovation of your plan and avoid future non-desired payments you must cancel your subscription from your user's profile.

Please make sure you do this after you have received a message from Freepiker confirming that the payment of your purchase has been successfully completed for the following period, otherwise you will cancel your subscription completely.

9. How can I change my plan and debit/credit card information?

You can change your plan by clicking “Update plan” and debit/credit card incofrmation by clicking “Update payment method” at premium section in your dashboard tab.

10. What item support included in Premium plan?

Basically, we don’t provide any item support as required. All of Freepiker files contains editable original file, license copy & used font/required things documentation. But, if you believe an item is broken & having troubles or missing anything as described/preview of the downloaded file please contact it’s author via profile page. Also, we always welcome you to contact us via [email protected]